Psychiatrist Shortage Escalates – Today in 2020 I

Today, in 2020, I supervise a medical team of thirteen more people, most of what I had in my time in the field of mental health. It’s funny that my individual patient care tasks in the clinic have taken a back seat over time, especially since I became medical director of our centre. I have many very talented, advanced nurses, administrative and part-time staff, TV presenters and other health professionals who have helped us in the care of patients for the past 10 years or more. If you need mental health care today, you can see each of the twelve people on the care team. Oh, I work in crisis centers and have been practicing telepsychiatry for ten years, but my main responsibilities in psychiatric centers remain my favorite people. Mental health is becoming more collaborative as psychiatric workers join the police force and health clinics, and health workers move to psychiatric centers. According to an article published in Forbes: “The shortage of psychiatric personnel increases as mental health needs increase in the United States“, there are 28,000 psychiatrists in the United States, but three out of five are 55 or more. There were face-to-face meetings with my staff and patients in my office, hospital visits, and medical and surgical consultations with patients throughout the day. I remember my first 80 years as a junior member of the Department of Psychiatry and Health at the Medical School of Georgia. After that I worked in the Psychiatric Clinic, first part-time in 1991 and then as part of my main activity in 1993. I trust the eyes, ears and judgement of the medical staff because they trust my ability to hear their stories, assess their symptoms and develop a good treatment plan that will help them recover. What struck me when I talked to some of our bosses last week was that I no longer see as many patients as today’s program allows. I do much more direct and indirect monitoring, respond to dozens of emails a day, talk in real time on Skype and make decisions for patients who I don’t see directly, at least most of the time. My patients always tell me that they do not want to see a consultant, nurse or social worker, they want to see their doctor.

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