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To determine the best tenant insurance companies in Oregon, our team examined a number of factors, including coverage options, prices, discounts, customer service and more. We encourage Oregon tenants to look for individual insurances with various additional coverage options. The State Farm offers tenants affordable, customizable insurance coverage with no restrictions on personal property and no damage to use. Allstate is one of the best providers of insurance for tenants in the country. It offers standard coverage and up to five additional coverage options. In addition, Allstate offers eight additional coverage options in addition to basic tenant insurance. In Oregon, tenant insurance usually includes four types of coverage: third party liability, medical payments to third parties, personal property, and loss of use. To help tenants decide who is the best apartment insurer, The Old House Reviews team reviewed and evaluated the best apartment insurers in Oregon. Three Oregon insurance companies stand out for offering comprehensive and affordable insurance plans for tenants that meet their needs. According to the Institute for Insurance Information, tenant insurance in Oregon will average $163 per year or $13.60 per month by 2017. Tenant insurance gives you peace of mind, because if your property is damaged by an unforeseen event or disaster, you will not have to pay for expensive repairs or replacements from your own pocket. In this guide, we will introduce you to companies that offer the best insurance for tenants in Oregon. The government calculator will help you determine the amount of coverage required for your personal property. In addition to personal property, loss of use, liability and medical expenses insurance, Nationwide also offers prescription or statutory insurance, supplementary and architectural insurance, and credit cards. National coverage protects Oregon from various events such as fire, lightning, hail, and theft, and goes beyond basic coverage. Tenant insurance is not mandatory, but your landlord may require a policy to live in one of the premises you rent. If you are not sure which tenant insurance is best for you, compare the following providers.

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