Custom Features – Kitchen Corners: Create more than just

Kitchen Corners: Create more than just extra space for the kitchen table and create a spacious space for your family to gather for food, snacks, homework or personal conversations. Outdoor seating with fireplace or chimney: No outdoor space is complete without a comfortable and tasteful place to relax and enjoy the dishes prepared in this outdoor kitchen. Our experienced team listens to your wishes in your home and then creates the perfect personalized luxury home for your family. Floating Shelves: Create a space to display everything from dishes and plants to antiques and precious family heirlooms. From the luxurious appliances and seats around the large island to the closed pantry and sink, modern design trends emphasize the kitchen as the center of the home, especially when it comes to interacting with the family. Traditionally referred to in old houses and villages as the “butler of the pantry,” it is a small preparation area away from the main kitchen and dining room, where you or someone helping to prepare things during events can work on them while staying away from the main kitchen. Landing Shower: Maybe even a steam shower with full body jets, custom tiles and perfect water pressure will make you want to stay in the shower all day. This zone is called the “delivery zone”, a place where parents leave their keys, wallet, phone and bags, as well as a place where children leave their backpacks, shoes and sports equipment. The room should have a bedroom, a small living room with such amenities as a drinks center and a coffee maker, and, of course, a private bathroom. Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi: Think about building a personal swimming pool that will emphasize the geography of your garden, while allowing you to easily move between outdoor and indoor spaces. When you enter through the front door, you want your guests to be happy. So make sure that your entrance is unique, welcoming and individual by choosing decorative elements for your fittings and accessories. This well-equipped room allows the chef to stay outside with the rest of the family. Large Dressing Room: Move the dressing room to the highest level by adding shoe shelves, full length mirrors, a sofa and an island to store jewelry and other personal items. Consider all possibilities to make this area useful for your family. It can be a starting point for your ideas, because what you want to see in your kitchen, pool or bathroom should be unique for you and your family. When you start designing your luxury home, the first thing you dream about is to have all the individual features that will allow you to have the home that you want.

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