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Lance Marquez, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor, Swezey Fuel Co. says: “There are several simple and inexpensive ways to improve the efficiency and durability of the boiler. Take advantage of these 6 simple and inexpensive ways to improve the efficiency and durability of your boiler. Simply follow these boiler maintenance tips to make your hot water more accessible. 4 Projects DIY Outdoor with Real Cedar Are you looking for a new project DIY Outdoor with Real Cedar? We have prepared four wooden projects to make them yourself, which will decorate your outdoor living space. Q: There is currently no budget to replace my old water heater. The benefits of servicing your boiler are obvious. And if you make sure that the tank has a working anode rod, you can prevent rust inside the tank. Steps to service your 1st Idea House water heater: Fairfield County Farm In Fairfield County Farm Idea House 2020, the future design is now. Falling Fertilizers: Important tips to help your garden grow Read this guide and find out why falling is the best time of year for fertilizing your garden. How the right primer and color can transform kitchen cabinets Few design solutions can transform a kitchen as easily and economically as painting cabinets. Without a stick, hot water quickly damages the inside of a pond and shortens its life span. Removing precipitation from the pond increases efficiency and longevity. Design ideas to increase the attractiveness of deterrence From classic to modern and from simple to bold, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the exterior. Learn how the right combination of primer and paint can give you the look you’ll love.

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