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Geico is not exclusively reserved for military personnel such as the USAA and Armed Forces Insurance but the company works with military associations such as the U.S. Army Association, the U.S. Navy League and the Defense Benefits Association to offer a 15 percent discount for military personnel and veterans. To find the best insurance policies for veterans, we are looking for companies that offer coverage only for soldiers or veterans, or that offer a discount for soldiers. When you look for homeowners’ insurance, you will find that many insurance companies want to recognize your military service in the country by giving you a discount on your premium. Some homeowners’ insurance companies offer a discount for military personnel or only cover active veterans or soldiers. Although this test is for war veterans, insurance companies often group current and former servicemen into the same category. To make homeowners more accessible, some insurance companies offer military discounts and other benefits. The team at This Old House Reviews has compiled a list of companies that offer this type of discount and will give you advice on how to find the best insurance for your homeowner. The three insurance companies that best serve veterans are USAA, Seguros de las Fuerzas Armadas and Geico. Read this Veterans’ Insurance Guide to learn more about the best insurance companies. As a member of USAA, you will receive unique benefits that go beyond the insurance coverage available, such as banking and financial services through USAA, as well as discounts on security systems and car rental. Only members of the military, veterans, or your family can join USAA. The U.S. Department of Veterans works with private lenders to help soldiers, veterans, and their families get home loans. By 2017, according to the Institute for Insurance Information, homeowners’ average insurance will cost approximately $101 per month. However, military operations often appear on the list of exceptions to homeowners’ insurance. For example, if you were sent to a war zone and your property is damaged, your policy will not pay for its replacement. Part of the cost of owning your property is paying your landlord’s insurance policy to protect you from accidents such as fire and theft.

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