Forager Project – With so many brands entering the

With so many brands entering the plant-based dairy market, Project Forager must promote its brand and communicate to consumers why its products are different. While mergers and acquisitions remain a popular tool for companies looking to exit slow-growth businesses or strengthen their presence in popular trends, the industry has taken a different tack in recent years. And Danone vegetable brand, So Delicious Dairy Free, added grated and sliced cheese to its product line in January. A year later, Danone pledged to increase global sales of plant-based foods from $1.9 billion to $5.7 billion by 2025 as part of its commitment to sustainability. A year earlier, plant-based food manufacturer Parmela Creamery raised $1.25 million to expand its range of cheeses, spreads, sauces and ravioli. Faced with a slowdown in the traditional dairy sector, Danone has invested heavily in its plant-based business, including its $12.5 billion purchase of WhiteWave in 2017. The company is expanding into some segments outside of the dairy sector at the plants, namely the cereal and potato chips segment, which should help increase brand awareness and recognition. In exchange for the investment in the Forager project, Danone will be able to further develop its portfolio of plant-based products. The experienced executive is familiar with the dairy industry, having worked at Icelandic yogurt company Siggis, where “he” helped build the brand for $150 million before it was acquired by Lactalis in 2018. As consumers increasingly incorporate plant-based foods into their diets, companies are offering different offerings to meet the growing demand. Follow Your Heart, which Danone acquired in February, offers plant-based cheese in addition to its famous vegan-free mayonnaise. Forager Project is bringing its new products to a cheese market that is becoming increasingly crowded. This includes tasty food makers such as Tofurky, which launched Mocho, a line of non-dairy cheeses, cheesecakes and spreads, in February 2020. With leading brands such as Activia, Silk and Evian in its portfolio, Danone has a track record of developing and growing brands in different segments that resonate well with consumers. As demand grows, many companies announce their intention to expand their range of plant-based products.

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