Your Online Business – P. S. Are you, an online entrepreneur, ready to lay the groundwork for success with six figures and beyond? Schedule a call to see if the intensive “Highlight and Scale” strategy is the plan you need to create the stable, scalable income you wanted when you started your business. If you’re an online entrepreneur and have spent time studying courses and coaches to help your small business, you’ve probably heard the phrase “grow your business.” Well, it’s often talked about, myself included, because scaling VITAL to achieve the level of success and freedom that most people want when starting an online business. The problem is that the business owner is often focused on finding the next customer rather than building an online presence and industry and marketing authority on a larger scale. Part of that business strategy is to offer a number of products and services that draw people to your business at various points along the customer journey, moving them higher up the value ladder. There has to be something you can scale. To grow, your online business has to be operational and generate revenue. I’ve seen a lot of confusion lately about scaling a business and wanted to spend some time figuring out what scaling is. If you are still throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what you are throwing at yourself when it comes to launching new products and offerings in your business, then you are not growing. As you grow your business, you get more and more new revenue, and always faster than the time and resources to support it. That’s why it’s so important to focus on growing your business as you grow it. But I think it’s important to strike a balance between organic and paid marketing to grow your business successfully. You have to get out of search mode and implement a sales and marketing strategy that continually increases that search. Depending on the type of business, growth costs increase at the same rate as sales growth. If your focus is on growth, you must also focus on marketing your business. Of course, there are many aspects of growing your online business. It’s all part of building a business model and proposing a strategy that will allow you to scale.