Blue Bell Cookies – According to the press release the new

Blue Bell Cookies According to the press release, the new flavor is an homage to Blue Bell’s Cookie Cone product, which was launched in 1997, sold primarily in school cafeterias, and went out of production in 2015. That product was a whole cookie with a scoop of chocolate-covered ice cream and the same fake Oreo flavor on the packaging. It’s not the fanciest or boldest ice cream flavor, perhaps because Blue Bell considers itself a more traditional ice cream maker. The cookie pieces added extra flavor and texture, but they were hard to distinguish from the cookie pieces. I could tell the texture of the waffle and cookie pieces apart, but visually they were very similar. The label wasn’t kidding either when it said “sprinkles,” as I couldn’t find many decent cookie pieces. My first thought when I opened the lid was that the chocolate quartet in the description wasn’t enough, because all I saw was a small island of vanilla color in the middle, surrounded by a sea of chocolate. No doubt some obscure government bureaucrat had something to say about what should and should not be hyphenated on a product label. It will join a long list of limited-edition Blue Bell flavors that I hope to return to in the coming years. The pieces in the bag were larger, but still quite small.