NEW Flavours – Hannah says “Chocolate and peppermint: a

NEW Flavours Hannah says, “Chocolate and peppermint: a heavenly combination for healthy moms! I’m not usually a fan of chocolate milkshakes and was a little hesitant about this combination at first. “The new premium chocolate milkshake with peppermint is perfect for dessert. It reminds me of when you go out to eat and the restaurant gives you these chocolate mints, super refreshing but not too minty and still chocolatey. “I love the premium chocolate and mint milkshake! It has the perfect balance of chocolate and mint, and gives you a boost of energy and flavor without overdoing it. Kat says “Chocolate and mint is a classic combination, and Mom’s NEW healthy smoothie takes it to the next level.” Samara says, “My goodness, Sundae, I’m obsessed with the new flavorful premium banana shake!!!!!. It smells like the candied bananas I used to eat as a kid. Sasha says, “Absolutely delicious shake!!!!!. The most perfect taste. Kate says, “OMG, the new premium vanilla tastes!!!!. And it’s so easy to mix. Nick says, “OMG, this new Banana Sundae cocktail takes me back to my childhood! It reminds me of banana ice cream. Lifestyle Mum reveals a 7-day EXACT diet plan to help you shed those Easter pounds. Rian Allen, founder of Healthy Mum, has put together a 7-day plan after Easter to help you shed those extra pounds. Beck says, “This is the next level, ladies, and a real trip down memory lane! Delicious new banana ice cream will blow your mind. Chocolate Chip, Almond and Coconut Granola Bar Recipes The recipe for these delicious and healthy granola bars was submitted by community member Kimberly Hicks and is only 160 calories each. The premium shake includes a new Healthy Mommy premium protein blend, mostly whey-based. Whey protein provides a very smooth, creamy texture and also has a much richer flavor, so there is no need to add other ingredients – just shake in your favorite shaker and go. weight loss These men have achieved their health goals with The Healthy Mummy! Most men include weight loss in their health goals, but that doesn’t mean they have to watch their weights all the time. Kate Shilpalius, a mother of four, fell in love with the new Premium Vanilla fragrance. With the incredibly smooth and creamy texture of “her” favorite smoothie as a child.