Olivia Newton-John – Neighbouring but fully private suite

Neighbouring but fully private suite consists of a large living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and additional meeting room, a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Just 40 minutes from Byron Bay, the property is a mixture of soft herbs and green lawns with panoramic views, tropical forests with natural waterfalls, two dams, a lake […]

Old House – This season the NEXT Generation program will

This season, the Old House Generation program will continue with new apprentices Kathryn Fulton and De’Shaun Burnett, who will join Nathan Gilbert, Austin Wilson, Mary McGuire, Erick Ellison and many other exceptional new artisans. Kathryn Fulton, 35, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, has deepened her “knowledge” of the business by immersing herself in the practical experience […]

Clean Entrance – Every year the inhabitants of

Every year, the inhabitants of south-eastern Wisconsin open their doors with optimism, as the snow melts and green shoots appear, forgetting unwanted outdoor elements that are quickly chased away from the inside. Even the busiest and best-maintained luxury house in the Country Lake area has a muddy soil; small or large floors make no difference […]

Mother ’ – When it’s time for dinner take care of the

When it’s time for dinner, take care of the kitchen! Pour your mother your favorite cocktail, raise your “legs” in the air and cook! Whether you’re grilling on the terrace or cooking a “favorite” dish inside, don’t let your mother lift a finger! Setting up the table and selecting “good food” is a special day. […]

Cher is involved in the design and finishing of many houses

Cher HomeFrom Florida to California and Hawaii, Cher is involved in the design and finishing of many houses, including rooms in the Big Island of Hawaii, in the exclusive gated resort of Gualalay, where she and her architectural partner William Long have developed an impressive ocean view, the result of which can be called modern. […]